Smart Diagnostics and Treatment Plans


Noum has taken sleep care one step forward by introducing smart diagnostics in the Middle Eastern and African region. Our expertise stems across Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and IFF Technologies to bring forth smart solutions that significantly empower sleep diagnostics. This will enable clinicians, healthcare experts and even patients to evaluate their sleep health and work actively towards improving sleep quality.

  • $Home Sleep Apnea Tests - HST & HSAT
  • $AI powered home sleep apnea tests
  • $Snore Detection Devices
  • $Polysomongraphy devices
  • $Actigraph TCMs Basic Trasutanous blood gas monitor
  • $Home Sleep


Therapy goes hand in hand with medicine. We offer a range of therapy and treatment solutions that can better cater to tackling the root cause of the sleep disorders. This enables the patient and provider to ensure long term success. We ensure our treatment solutions are accurate and reliable for hospital use as well as at-home purposes. To tackle the impending sleep disorders, we offer the following specialized solutions:

  • $ CPAP therapy and BIPAP Therapy devices
  • $Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • $Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Therapy
  • $Surgical support for moderate and severe cases
  • $Sleep Aids + Airway Pressure Devices
  • $Dental Sleep devices

Sleep Aid

Noum is committed to assist you in your journey to improving the quality of sleep, even from the comfort of your homes. We offer technologically-advanced, scientifically-proven sleep aid devices and solutions that employ a wide range or approaches and techniques to significantly enhance your sleep. Whether you’re battling insomnia or sleep apnea or any other sleep-related disorder, our cutting-edge sleep aids will surely benefit you.

We offer a comprehensive range of innovative B2B and B2C products and solutions such as:

  • $Sleep tracking gadgets
  • $Sleep aid devices
  • $Thermo-regulated mattresses
  • $Hypoallergenic sheets and comforters
  • $Carbon infused pillows
  • $Humidifiers
  • $Sleep sprays
  • $Blue-light filtered sleep glasses
  • $Sound and temperature control systems
  • $Snoring Therapy aid


Sleep is regulated by a variety of chemicals in the body, so we also offer solutions that target the pathological element of sleeplessness. Based on accurate diagnostic procedures and analysis, our pharmacological treatments involve critically studying the human body aspect to offer efficient solutions to sleep disorders. We have the best sleep specialists on board that will devise a customized treatment plan and recommend the required medications (if need be). You can reach out to the doctors from the comfort of your home through telemedicine sessions for your medicine-related queries.

  • $Supplements from SmartSleep

Healthcare Professionals

Noum has crafted a complete infrastructure – from sleep specialists and advanced equipment to cutting-edge technologies and tools. The Noum system is designed by experts for experts. Being part of the Noum ecosystem enables sleep professionals to provide the latest and most complete care and services for their clients.


In a world supported and enhanced by technological advancements, Noum is committed to leveraging the power of technology to help you take control of your sleep and take action to improve and restore it. Noum makes the latest sleep tools available to you to help you master your own sleep challenges.