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Bridging the Sleep Disorder Diagnostic and Treatment Gap

Noum has devoted years of planning and resources to fulfill one primary goal: bridging the sleep disorder diagnostic and treatment gap.

 We are bringing high-tech systems and infrastructures, complete with remarkable sleep technicians, to hospitals and health care setups around the Middle Eastern and African region to curb the rising sleep disorder problem.

 By partnering with a trusted consortium, we believe that we will be able to better identify and tackle the growing problem for millions of individuals living with sleep disorders and improve treatment outcomes.

Noum Fully Integrated Virtual Care

Healthcare Professionals

Noum has crafted a complete infrastructure – from sleep specialists and advanced equipment to cutting-edge technologies and tools. The Noum system is designed by experts for experts. Being part of the Noum ecosystem enables sleep professionals to provide the latest and most complete care and services for their clients.


In a world supported and enhanced by technological advancements, Noum is committed to leveraging the power of technology to help you take control of your sleep and take action to improve and restore it. Noum makes the latest sleep tools available to you to help you master your own sleep challenges.