Operate Centers

The only way to solve the growing sleep disorder problem is to first understand sleep dynamics. To this end, Noum has multiple stand-alone  state-of-the-art sleep centers scattered around the region. Extensive in-patient sleep studies take place in these labs under the watchful eyes of skilled sleep technicians with years of experience. 

Noum’s vast network of operate centers follow a patient-centered approach, offering state-of-the-art facilities, spacious rooms, the latest high-tech equipment and technology. Noum’s sleep studies are analyzed and interpreted using sophisticated artificial intelligence technology.

Noum centers use Profusion Nexus 360® (a web-based patient data and lab management system that provides integrated hardware and software solutions). Nexus 360® ensures that Noum centres run smoothly and efficiently from testing to diagnosis and treatment, maintaining high levels of patient and physician satisfaction.

Unified Platform

With Noum’s team together on one unified platform, workflows are customizable, test scoring is efficient, and studies are accessible at any point – even when they are archived. From testing to diagnosis to treatment, Profusion Nexus 360® enables clinicians to provide seamless patient care.

Streamlined Access

The Profusion Nexus 360® lab management system is designed to support the continuing evolution of labs and clinics. The system provides a one-stop platform that is accessible on any device. As long as you have a browser and an internet connection, you can view, score, and report data remotely.

Healthcare Professionals

Noum has crafted a complete infrastructure – from sleep specialists and advanced equipment to cutting-edge technologies and tools. The Noum system is designed by experts for experts. Being part of the Noum ecosystem enables sleep professionals to provide the latest and most complete care and services for their clients.


In a world supported and enhanced by technological advancements, Noum is committed to leveraging the power of technology to help you take control of your sleep and take action to improve and restore it. Noum makes the latest sleep tools available to you to help you master your own sleep challenges.