This is your chance to become a noum franchise owner

Are you ready to leverage premium, advanced sleep treatments to resolve the rising sleep disorder problem? With Noum, you have a chance to embrace a larger vision and scale up your business with a business model that is proven to achieve success. We are thrilled to share our strengths, expertise, experience, and advanced protocols that have positioned Noum as the pioneers of offering a vast Sleep Service Ecosystem in the Middle East and Africa.

Why invest in the sleep care industry?

Now, more than ever, there are endless market opportunities that one can benefit from. Why?  Because the Sleep Health Industry is booming!

A staggeringly significant amount of money – billions, to be precise – are put into finding the answer to a good night’s sleep. Mattresses, medical bedding, sleep-aid devices are only some of the aspects the Middle Eastern and African region are spending on to reclaim their sleep.

To cater to the growing demand, the Sleep Care Industry is growing exponentially, introducing a huge range of lucrative opportunities for private investors and consumer-oriented firms. So, if you’re looking to step into the Sleep Health Industry, now is the perfect time.

Why Join noum?

Unmatched Resource Pool

We offer a resource pool that is unmatched – from highly skilled sleep technicians, a full-fledged infrastructure, to cutting technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Neuro-Analytics Technologies – everything you need to stay at the forefront of resolving sleep disorders.


Benefit from obtaining privileged access to a regional sleep health network, where you can follow the latest trends and treatments relating to sleep disorders and gain access to a wide audience. Together, we are all one step closer to empowering the quality of sleep.

Convenience & Reliability

Noum offers solutions that are accurate, convenient and reliable. Sleep disorders are a growing concern, so it is necessary that we offer solutions that hospitals, clinicians, and patients can rely on. Our telemedicine portal allows easy management of patients and secure consultations.

Unlock Your Potential

Partner with noum to tackle your challenges and unlock your potential to witness an increase in market growth and business opportunities. With our expertise and technology, you will be able to uniquely position your organization in the Sleep Health industry.

Ready to do your part in revolution?